Rotary Dampers

Rotary Dampers

Imaginative engineering at its best provides enhanced safety and non-impact, shock-free motion control
Rotary Dampers1

These are our proprietary rotary dampers. They are characterized by their ability to demonstrate high torque, despite being so compact. These are mechanism components that can meet demands such as ensuring safety, buffering and impact, and adding a high-end, luxurious feel to your product. Both finite and infinite angle types are available, depending on your needs.

This unique product was engineered by TOK, taking advantage of TOK’s wide array of technologies and systems.

TOK dampers are highly suitable where non-impact, noise free, controlled motion is required. While torque is the primary consideration when specifying a TOK damper, our products cover a wide range of design specifications. Two types of standard dampers are available: rotary and uni-directional.

Please contact us to assist you in the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of your specific damper application. Note: Please review the operational conditions stated in the TOK catalogue when choosing and operating TOK products

Rotary dampers provide a full range of motion where low noise and smooth motion is desired.

・ Toilet seat/cover and Shower Door hinges
・ Funitures, Office Desk Drawers, Kitchen Cabinets, and Sliding Doors
・ Refrigerators, Washers/Dryers', and other Home Appliances
・ Piano Covers, Vending Machines Pick up door, Air Filter Covers, and OA printers

1) Partial Angled Axial Damper

TOK Series Torque Size Dimension
TD73 0.10 ~ 0.29 Nm φ11
TD75 0.10 ~ 0.29 Nm φ11
TD148 0.1 ~ 0.3 Nm φ11
TD38 0.15 ~ 0.59 Nm φ22
SR3 1.0 Nm (φ22)
TD27/28 0.49 ~ 1.96 Nm φ22
TD54 0.78 ~ 1.96 Nm φ20
TD60 0.98 ~ 1.96 Nm 11.9mm wide
TD99 Horizontal 0.98 ~ 1.96 Nm φ18
TD99 Vertical 1.0 ~ 2.0 Nm φ18
TD99 Horizontal & Vertical 1.0 ~ 2.0 Nm φ18
TD56 1.47 ~ 2.94 Nm φ18
TD100 0.98 ~ 2.94 Nm φ16
TD112 0.45 ~ 2.94 Nm φ18
TD133 3.0 Nm φ20
TD69 1.96 ~ 3.43 Nm φ20
TD118 3.5 Nm φ18
TD22 2.45 ~ 3.92 Nm φ16.2
TD129 4.0 Nm φ16
TD90 3.5 ~ 5.0 Nm -
TD42 4.90 ~ 8.83 Nm φ40.2
TD89 10 Nm Hinge

Rotary Dampers2

2) Bi-Directional Damper

TOK Series Torque Size Dimension Direction
TD136 2.0 mNm φ10 CW & CCW
TD101 2.5 ~ 4.0 mNm φ6 CW & CCW
TD130 4.0 mNm φ10 CW & CCW
TD102 2.5 ~ 15 mNm φ14.9 CW & CCW
TD88 10 ~ 40 mNm φ15 CW or CCW
TD96 50 ~ 150 mNm φ25 CW or CCW
TD62 30 ~ 200 mNm φ25 CW&CCW
TD58 300 ~ 800 mNm φ31 CW&CCW

2D/3D CAD Data Library

You can download 2D/3D CAD data of our products from PART Community.

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