Quality control

In order to create products of the highest quality and meet your performance needs, our production team utilizes the utmost quality control, explained below.

Consulting / Development /Design

Materializing customers desires

We will plan and propose new technologies and services characteristic of our organization. We test these new technologies using machines that focus on “control rotations” and ensure that the results meet your standards. Through our vast experience accumulated through past client interactions, and inventions in a wide range of industries, we will work with you in ensuring you get the best possible design and performance, at the lowest possible costs.

Consulting 1

Trial Productions

In-house capabilities in machining enables speedy responses

A product design begins by evaluating a trial production. We independently process components, resins, and metals used for trial productions. We keep our client’s requests in mind during these trial productions, and test to ensure that we achieve your desired results.

Trial 1
Trial 2

Evaluation Tests

Leverages our proprietary evaluation equipment and advanced evaluation know-how

We at TOK take pride in our development structure and our belief in the concept of value analysis: making sure that our clients are getting the desired results at the lowest possible costs to them, regarding material, design, and implementation. To stand on this belief of ours, we thoroughly perform evaluation tests for each product. To ensure our strict evaluation standards, we have developed our own evaluation equipment independently. We use testing machines that were produced based on our expert experience to perform daily evaluations that guarantee superior performance for all our products.


Mold Designing / Building

Building high qualities of molds

In manufacturing plastic products, building a mold is one of the most critical process. To meet a wide variety of customer needs, TOK utilizes various machine tools to build molds of high precision.

Mold 1
Mold 2

Designing and Assembling Productive Facilities

Global Quality Controlling Structures

“Create an Environment That Produces Excellent Products” is one of our most central themes, and as such, TOK has continued to improve productive facilities and production methods. We design and manufacture production equipment such as auto-assembly machines (for bearings and one-way clutches) built while conducting improvement. In-house designed production equipment and rigorous quality control structures have built a highly reliable and efficient production system. In addition, to build a global quality system, we have positioned the Yamanashi Plant as the main production plant, the top standard of our production process, which from our overseas manufacturing subsidiaries then apply that same top level of production and quality control to match that of Japan.

Designing 1
Designing 2
Designing 3
Designing 4

Inspection Equipment

A wide array of inspection equipment producing high-quality products

key Inspection Equipment
Gear rolling testers: Ogasawara Precision
Three-dimensional measuring machine: Mitutoyo
Image measuring machine: Mitutoyo
Laser measuring machine: Mitsuyoto
Rockwell hardness testing machine: Mitsutoyo

Roundness measuring machine: Tokyo Seimitsu
Shape measuring machine: Tokyo Seimitsu
Surface property measuring machine: Tokyo Seimitsu
Vickers hardness testing machine: Shimadzu
Load testing machine: Shimadzu

Inspection 1
Inspection 2

ISO 9001 Certification



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