SR – Custom Assemble Unit

1) Standard product

TOK Product
Key benefits


  • Easily removable with light force
  • Easy Operation with one hand
  • One push operation

Via its epoch-making internal structure, this detachable mechanism easily be operated with one hand, and released with a single push. more...

  • Raise / lower / stop
  • Stops securely at any position 
  • Compatible with a wide range of torque

The SR2 provides controlled motion to adjust height at any position. You can easily lift heavy objects and lock them precisely into position. more...

  • High durability (300,000 open / close)
  • Torque adjustment type

The closing speed of this damper can be easily adjusted to its controlled closure damper torque. It creates a soft and light movement and adds a luxurious feel to the motion. more...

  • safety
  • Prevent finger pinching
  • No temperature dependence (No oil used)

Under Development / Future product


2) Custom product

  • Slow movement
  • Safety

Note: Custom product! !

Deceleration descent function of high-grade blinds that slowly descend at a constant speed until the end

  • Reliable retraction
  • Shock mitigation

Note: Custom product! !

Corresponding to the new design of the entire soft closing unit can be deployed not only for multi-function devices, but also for all types of service

  • Easy operation
  • High torque compatible

Note: Custom product! !

Similar to SR2 based on customer's request to stop roof rack at any position


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