Plastic Bearings

It has been half a century since we developed the first plastic bearing in the industry. We are pleased to say that these products have been used by customers from a wide range of areas. To meet various demands, we provide many series: D-series, I-series, A-series, UT-series, K-series, and so on. More info...

Application: Refrigerators, cabinets, copying machines, cash machines, registers, game machines, machine tools, etc.


One-way clutches

These are machine element components that lock up in one direction and do not lock up in the opposite direction. These items, and especially the paper-feed mechanism of OA equipment, are used by the customers in various industries. We will build the housing as well in order to help you reduce the total costs. More info...

Application: copying, machines, printers, ATMs, cash machines, ticketing devices, sliding doors, etc.


Torque Limiters

These are mechanism components interrupting the driving with a specified torque.
Magnet type: Contactless torque limiters based on the hysteresis torque of magnets
Coil type: Contact type of torque limiters generating torque using the frictional resistance between a coil and the outer surface of a sleeve. More info...

Application: Copying machines, printers, ATMs, cash machines, ticketing devices, etc.


Rotary Dampers

These are our proprietary rotary dampers They are characterized by the ability to demonstrate high torque in spite of their compactness. These are mechanism components that can meet demands such as ensuring safety, showing a high grade feeling in your product, buffering and impact, etc. Both finite angle types and infinite angle types are available, depending on your demands. More info...

Application: Bathrooms, pianos, copying machines, home appliances, electric appliances, toys, game machines, etc.


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