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We are proud to present our new damper, the TD130. It is the smallest damper in TOK, so it is a really convenient and versatile damper. The TD130 is in response to your request for miniaturization. The quality of the TD130 is guaranteed!     The minimum size rotary damper which can support the smallest…
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What’s torque limiter?

A torque limiter is a device that cuts off torque transmission when overload is applied. It is also called a safety-clutch. By preventing excessive rotation of the spindle, it prevents damage to the driven shaft and related equipment. TOK manufactures 2 types of torque limiters: ①Spring Type using friction / resistance ・Max. torque : 4kgf・cm…
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Characteristics of temperature and speed dependence

Oil dampers have characteristics of temperature and speed dependence. In general, the viscosity of liquid changes greatly with temperature. The viscosity decreases as the temperature rises and the viscosity rises as it goes down. This phenomenon is called a temperature characteristic. The damper has the property that the torque changes with the difference in temperature.…
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