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SR3-TOK New Product

SR3 - TOK has developed a new high durability damper, the SR3. The SR3 is a damper mechanism that controls torque and produces safe, smooth movement. The closing speed of the SR3 can be easily regulated due to its control closure damper torque. It creates a relaxed and light movement, and adds a luxurious feel…
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SR2 – TOK New Product

SR2 - We are pleased to announce that TOK has developed a new product of Uni-directional Clutch, the SR2. The SR2 provides controlled motion to adjust height at any position. This new valued control motion would be perfect for adjustable tables, disabled sinks and more. If you are interested in the SR2 clutch, check the motion at TOK's Official…
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New rotary damper launched

First 4.0N-m with 16mm diameter rotary damper, TD129, is availabe now by TOK. It is suitable for narrow, small and staylish mechanical products (e.g. lid, hood by metal, plastic) with high torque required for soft landing and safety improvement. TD129 brochure   <-- click here    
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