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How to utilize TOK?

How to utilize TOK? Regarding TOK’s product ratio, custom products account for over 70% of all our products. TOK has an abundance of experiences for various markets, for example sanitary, home appliance, furniture, industry, automotive, duplicating machine, etc. We would like to introduce to you about “How to utilize TOK?” with a past inquiry as…
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Magnetic torque limiter

What is a magnetic torque limiter? It generates torque from magnetic hysteresis resistance. The magnet does not slide so magnetic torque limiter is more durable. Advantages of using a magnet torque limiter compared with a coil spring torque limiter! High durability High speed revolution Stable torque Minimal sliding sound TLEU series    TLES series  
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SRX’s new video release

SRX- Attach/Detach device Via its epoch-making internal structure, this detachable mechanism easily be operated with one hand, and released with a single push. It was developed to expand the possibilities of attachment mechanisms in various situations in daily applications, industrial products, or medical instruments  
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Coil spring torque limiter

What is the structure of coil spring torque limiter? A coil spring is press-fitted in the sleeve, and when it turns, it slides and generates torque. The more it tightens a coil spring, the more it generates torque, but the looser the coil spring, the lower the torque is generated. Advantages of using coil spring torque…
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