What’s torque limiter?

A torque limiter is a device that cuts off torque transmission when overload is applied. It is also called a safety-clutch. By preventing excessive rotation of the spindle, it prevents damage to the driven shaft and related equipment. TOK manufactures 2 types of torque limiters:
①Spring Type using friction / resistance
・Max. torque : 4kgf・cm
・Max. allowable rotation speed: 400min-1
・Life cycle time : 1 Mio. cycles
                    TLD4 series                                            TLD7 series


②Magnet Type using magnetic force
・Max. torque : 0.6kgf・cm
・Max. allowable rotation speed: 2,000min-1
・Life cycle time : 10 Mio. cycles
                 TLEU series                                                       TLES series


Application example
                Sunshade of child seat                                          Belt-winch


                 Printer / Copy machine                                                 ATM machine




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