Alternative product of Hysteresis Coupling

Hysteresis coupling (and magnet coupling) is a mechanical product to transmit torque by using magnetic force.
For example, it would be used for packing machines and motor protection when over torque is overloaded.
However, the hysteresis coupling might have disadvantages on cost-wise and dimension. 
Now we would like to introduce to you our magnetic torque limiters. 

TOK’s magnetic torque limiters work the as same as hysteresis coupling. 

Usage applications are: 
●   Motor protection 
●   Robot arm 
●   Electric drivers 
●   Tensioner for paper feeding machines (ex. ATM, Copy machine, Film roller etc.) 

TOK’s torque limiters have been developed especially for monetary instruments and copy machines for more than 20 years. 
However, you may consider to use our limiters for other applications. 
We now recommend to you the magnetic torque limiter TLEU series

Specification overview: 
●   Outer diameter: φ22.5 
●   Bore diameter: φ10 
●   Max torque: 45mN・m 
●   Allowable revolution speed: 2,000 r.p.m (at the maximum) 

And we have the TLES series.

Also, you may consider our torque limiters which provide you with compact space, are light weight and are cost-effective compared to hysteresis coupling.

We believe that our magnetic torque limiters would help you improve your productivity. 
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