Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings

A Variety of designs to meet A Variety of applications
ball bearings

It’s been half a century since we developed the first plastic bearing in the industry. We are pleased to say that our bearings have been used by customers from a wide range of industries. To meet various demands, we provide various bearing materials, including POM (Polyacetal), PE(Polyethylene), PEEK (PolyEtherEther-Ketone), PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride), SUS(Stainless), and Ceramic for the following applications: Refrigerators, cabinets, copying machines, cash machines, registers, arcade machines, machine tools, etc.

With TOK’s over 75 years of expertise and proprietary experience in radial ball bearings, we can guarantee that your specific application will be fully met with our products. TOK can provide the outer races of the bearings in numerous configurations, and use both standard and custom-designed bearings to meet your requirements. We would be happy to take your concept and specifications to design and manufacture a customized bearing for your needs.

TOK Series Purpose/Material
D series Standard Plastic Bearings (all POM), up to 20kg
I series Heavy Duty Plastic Bearings (POM with Steel inner), up to 60kg
A series All Steel Bearings (SUJ2, STKM, SWCH), up to 80kg
DT series Steel Bearing with POM Outer race, up to 80kg
ER series Special Needs: Anti-Static Bearings
PE series Special Needs: Anti-Acid/Anti-Alkali Bearings
S series Special Needs: All Stainless Bearings
PK/PV series Special Needs: PEEK/PVDF Bearings
C series Special Needs: All Ceramic Bearings
K series Custom Desinged Bearings (varies material per request )


Plastic ball bearing featuring a polyacetal (POM) outer race, and steel inner race. Its main applications are: office furniture, furniture, vending machines, and refrigerators. There are 3 different types of D-Series Bearings, each serving a different use of application: Hole, Screw, and Riveting bearings. In addition, there are 6 different types of outer housing shapes, which can be seen below. Dimensions range from φ9 to φ48, and load capacity ranges from 2kgf (4.40 lb) to 20kgf (44.0lb).

ball bearing1


Featuring steel inserted inner races, this family of ball bearings was designed to carry medium loads. Typical applications include heavy-duty filing cabinets, professional office equipment, tool cabinets, and any storage equipment where heavy drawers are subject to intense usage.


This TOK Steel bearing has a screw function, featuring SUJ2, STKM, and/or SWCH materials.


Our smoothest bearings are made with a steel inner race, and POM outer race. These are used for any cabinet type drawers, and support office equipment machines up to 80kg (176lbs)

Special Needs Bearing

We are completely equipped with bearing that can be used in special enviromments
・Chemical resistant: C series, PE series, & PK series
・Heat resistant: C series & PK series
・Corrosion resistant: S series
・Anti-Static: E series


Using the D-series as a foundation, the K-series was developed as a more precision focused version of the D-series. The K-series offers closer tolerances and better accuracy. The outer races can be custom designed for your application. The assembly can include timing pulleys, sprockets, and gears that may be required in sophisticated appliances such as copy machines, printers, and vending machines.

2D/3D CAD Data Library

You can download 2D/3D CAD data of our products from PART Community.

ball bearing2


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