What’s Rotary Damper?

A rotary damper is the mechanical part used to buffer the impact of the lid closing / opening. A rotary damper is   effective for consistent motion, soft closing / opening, and improved safety. A rotary damper makes a product      luxurious.

We manufacture oil filled style rotary dampers and there are 2 types of rotary dampers: finite and infinite angle damper. Finite angle rotary damper has limited operation angle. e.g. 110°, 180° etc. On the other hand, infinite rotary damper rotates 360° without limit.

finite damper


Infinite damper

They are used in a variety of situations such as kitchen and bath, industrial, furniture, automotive, and more. Our rotary damper is used for toilet lid/covers, trash cans, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, piano covers, vending       machine, etc. The rotary damper is very important for our quality of life!



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