Our “SRX” received the “Reddot design Award!”

One of the world's three major design awards! It was awarded in Essen, Germany. This year, more than 6,500 applications were received from all over the world, from buildings to small parts, of which "SRX" was selected in the "Innovative Products" category! The SRX is an attachment that allows one thing to be attached and detached without the…
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In 2019, TOK’s SRX received the Good Design Award

This is an attachment device that easily connects and separates objects. Using an original attached and detached mechanism, it can be attached and detached with one push. By mounting this device as a joint for all objects, it makes it possible to easily attach and detach objects under various life or industry situations without using…
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Our New product SR8!

SR8 gives you a stop-function for several applications.This is how the SR8 works with a sliding door.When a door is quickly closed, the SR8 will prevent your fingers from being accidentally pinched. 【Characteristics of SR8】 ・The stop function works when the velocity is more than 0.5m/s. ・Temperature will not affect its function. ・Custom available based on your…
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