Philosophy & Vision


It has been seventy five years since our organization was established and we have made a new start toward the centennial.
Although we have been evolving our business activities around our management principles. It is no easy task to explore "new values" for our customers and markets. our organization has developed products according to our philosophy of Value Analysis-analyzing. On the basis of that achievement, we have additionally established the Product Development Center, which is integrated in the Marketing Div. to gather more voices from our customers and to bring our products to the market swiftly. The center not only promotes further cultivation of our existing markets but it also achieving results in new domestic markets. Overseas, we have established a representative office in Dusseldorf, Germany, as a base to address customers in the EU region. On the other hand, approximately ten years have passed since we expanded to China. The base in China has played the role of a manufacturing plant, while striving to tap into the China market.
Recognizing again the technologies that we have to control forces such as rotation, transmission, and cushioning, we will continue to take another step from existing values even if it is a small one, and we will provide the products that can respond to your demands. Thank you very much for your continuous support.

President & CEO Keisuke Yoshikawa

Contribute to the society by providing new values
Be a company the customers trust
Be a working place with a positive effect


Trusted capabilities to respond to world-wide needs

Since its establishment in 1938, our organization has conducted research and development according to our philosophy of Value Analysis-analyzing, aiming to analyze and realize the value that a customer seeks, and it has pursued "merchandisable qualities" and "fair prices" for our customers.
As a result, we have supplied many functional components to a wide variety of areas.
We would now like to move forward to the next stage where we can adequately respond to the needs of customers from all over the world. To achieve this goal, we will seek further sophistication and high qualities and look toward a company which is trusted by customers from all over the world.



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